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Wednesday, 17 December 2003
I got some spam this evening. It contained one ad image, hyperlinked to a web site that’s apparently paying a spammer to push some traffic its way. I never saw the image, because I use an e-mail client whose interface looks like it may be older than me, and it doesn’t do images. The body text of the message read as follows:
princess janus region wiseacre annulled buck carboxy methylene ahoy lackluster sanatorium psyche farthest linkage qatar desert poverty ringside monarchic anything frailty

cromwellian watts swirl copperas coda doubleheader ak pasteboard complacent erlenmeyer

brussels upholstery swain gallantry volition bucolic agent camber mesa there stark happy parakeet champlain agriculture cornelius africa swap degassing aspersion boeotia plagioclase punky epicure promptitude balled prestidigitate

flexure kit heat nebula payoff barfly slugging donnybrook scutum digress panicked sultan urbanite galena porcine erasmus irreversible backgammon combustible bremsstrahlung byzantine luftwaffe

gyrate calhoun discreet schooner absent bursty coachwork telescopic shrunken messiah theology eastbound johnston

pembroke buzzer fluoresce abash cecropia urging staten anselm defecate absolve unimodal handbag simplectic aau abrupt grant buffoon comparative dictate kaddish pacemake crestview copra

lindstrom recipient repression age sperm teddy nehru fortitude defendant assessor alabama fireboat harden psyche conjectural inoffensive parenthood centrist implementor prison bottle crosshatch deign empress brunch digit dominick appreciate clam belove signify vasectomy infect pianissimo aviatrix
My assumption is that the Evil Spammers do this to defeat Bayesian spam filters (like the filtering built into Mozilla), and perhaps other kinds, too. If you throw random parts of the dictionary at the filter each time you spam, then your spam always looks like something entirely new, entirely unique, because it is chock full of words that the filter has never seen before. To a Bayesian filter, something entirely new is not spam. So, the spam gets through. Bastards.

Of course, we’re stuck with spam, in part because our Republican government just passed a federal spam law that is (a) weaker than what some states have already passed, and (b) invalidates those stronger state laws (like the one we recently passed in California) — see section 8(b)(2). Remember, kids, Republicans only dig states rights when it suits them.

But wait. Here’s the important thing. What phrases jump out at you? For me, “telescopic shrunken messiah” leaps off the screen.
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dave had this to say (12/17/2003 06:43:39):
It knows you are a Joyce fan, so it gave you Joyce.
Hatchjaw had this to say (12/17/2003 09:44:10):
your screenshot indicates that you are in touch with a business that can get you a BIGGER DICK FOR CHRISTMAS. please forward this information to me. thanks.
k-dub had this to say (12/17/2003 12:06:00):
jumped out at me: sperm teddy
Dan had this to say (12/18/2003 08:16:21):
stark happy parakeet
inoffensive parenthood
panicked sultan
are my top three. I get this stuff all the time. One of the reasons I *LIKE* spam. MMMMMMmmmmmm spam! And I think SOMEBODY wants a bigger penis under the tree this Xmas....
EDahl had this to say (12/18/2003 21:07:48):
For my money, it doesn't get any better than "degassing aspersion," "complacent erlenmeyer," and "porcine erasmus." Irreversible Backgammon actually opened for Eastbound Johnson last night at the Hemlock, so we know where they got those two pairs. Unimodal Handbag is playing there tomorrow night.
Spike had this to say (01/07/2004 21:29:52):
Lately, I've been scaling "waterless bald mountain" and these:

stalwart suggestion applicant narrate massage ash pickman pneumonia beggar
downs coronate vancouver illustrious celestial genital chorale
workday alundum n exuberant crewel chairmen zone
Spike had this to say (01/07/2004 21:30:33):
illustrious celestial genital chorale will be playing the Bottom of the Hill next month.
Spike had this to say (01/07/2004 21:31:35):
Lookit me, I'm going crazy here.

Check out this URL:
Spike had this to say (01/08/2004 14:38:48):
Got yet another one today:

irredeemable furrow sunscreen desideratum shoehorn forgiven send past curfew reverent
abacus prof antigone collate epigram arizona seagull kathy rhombi marilyn
mercy deniable aspire toll berry able slap
Spike had this to say (01/08/2004 14:40:45):
And another:

caribou coagulable wolf woodcock hildebrand quartermaster bromfield adventure
fabricate pastiche somehow powell jiffy
text fuse winnie foamflower

glycerin idempotent meridional attribution envelop episcopalian forwent
circumscribe creek immodesty argo drugstore apotheosis polemic
billfold homicide deploy anode integrate

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