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Sunday, 08 June 2003
Does anybody out there have a use for the Insert key? I accidentally hit it a few minutes ago — kicking the machine into that godawful bizarro mode in which anything you type overwrites whatever is in its path — and because I type pretty fast, it took me a few keystrokes before I realized what was happening, at which point I had to stop, look, find the freaking Insert key, and punch it again to stop the insanity. I have to stop and look to find the key, mind you, because outside of situations like this where I’ve inadvertently hit it, I have no need to hit it. Ever. I do not know of a single application in which it performs a useful function instead of “enable bizarro mode.” It exists only to cause me a minor annoyance now and again when it requires me to press it again. As if to keep it appeased.

(Can some Mac user out there tell me if Macs do the same thing with Insert?)
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John had this to say (06/09/2003 09:23:07):
There is absolutely no need for the insert key unless you get too lazy to hit the backspace key or the delete key and want to type over everything you don't like....

Meaning unless you are too f'n lazy to correct your mistakes.

It's pathetic, it's sad and it's one god damned big annoyance.
Felish had this to say (06/09/2003 10:08:09):
you can say that again!!
John had this to say (06/09/2003 10:10:07):
It's pathetic, it's sad and it's one god damned big annoyance.

Happy? :) j/k

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