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Thursday, 27 February 2003
See for yourself the global nature of the nascent anti-war movement. Alas, George remains convinced that he knows better than the rest of the world. So this man, who, as Nelson Mandela put it, “cannot think properly,” and who, no matter what really went down in Florida, did not receive as many votes as the Other Guy, is going to fire up the war machine. And since this man has no grasp of history at all — but rather bases his decisions on an arrogant, born-again worldview that holds that since our nation is righteous and Christian and freedom-loving, we can do no wrong — he doesn’t grok these well-known facts about the war machine: (1) When it starts up, you never know (and cannot control) when it will stop again, and (2) it in turn can start up other machines. Frightful machines. Evil machines. Machines whose actions we cannot even begin to imagine or predict.

George is going to turn the key soon. The gears will start turning, the machinery will be in motion, and there will be nothing for us all to do but hang on and try to survive the ride. And make some noise.
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/\/\/\/ had this to say (02/28/2003 01:01:56):
Earlier an Anonymous Coward posted here noting that the main link for this entry has gone bad. I posted a followup comment, only to discover to my horror that my comment script wasn't behaving right with multiple comments. In the debugging, I accidentally hosed both the Coward's post and my followup. Sigh.
/\/\/\/ had this to say (02/28/2003 01:04:35):
Anyway, the funny thing is, the images I pointed at with that link are still there. If you View Source at the page you arrive at, you'll see the image tags sitting there, commented out. You can navigate directly to the pictures if you feel like some work.

Let's hope the page author gets those images relocated and back inline soon.

Apologies to the reader whose post I hosed. On the bright side, I think multiple comments are now behaving properly.
Same Anonymous Coward had this to say (02/28/2003 19:54:40):
Here is a good link:

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