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Friday, 11 June 2004
In the wake of Ronald Reagan’s death, most of the press coverage has been fawning. There have also been the expected hatchet jobs by certain leftists who have been waiting for years to dance on this particular grave. This piece in the Chicago Reader is more balanced, but still manages to note most of the ways in which our 40th President made the world I grew up in a meaner place. I also love this particular point:
People believed [Reagan] meant well and forgave the messes he made. Lucky for him, he didn’t get the country into a mess so big that meaning well wasn’t good enough. Sorry about that, George W. Bush.
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katya had this to say (06/16/2004 08:40:45):
Nothing interesting to really say except that it was nice to finally read a fairly balanced critique of his presidency. And I sent it to my mom. (I'm slowly trying to turn her back to the Democrats like she was for the first time with Clinton. Right now though she's a firmly entrenched W. Bush Republican. I'm the only one with any sense in the family.)

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