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Friday, 20 June 2003
Listen up, Americans. Iraq is not a quagmire, and we are not engaged in an occupation of that country, and anyone who says we are is a goddam freedom-hater. Right? I’m caught up, right? Oh, no, missed one thing: Combat ended May 1. Thus spake Boosh, right? So: War over, no quagmire, no occupation. And yet
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JOhn had this to say (06/20/2003 17:18:51):
And what have we been telling the Iraqi citizens? We'll be in and out of their country lickety split?

Jeez, this just gets more and more disgusting. I guess they are banking on a Bush remaining in the white house the next 10 years -- 4 of Dubya and 4+ of Jeb... **shakes head in utter disgust**
Michael D. had this to say (06/26/2003 18:38:38):
Any day now little Georgie or one of his handlers will start talking about the light at the end of the tunnel. Wonder what our weekly casualty rate will be by then.
Yael had this to say (07/18/2003 16:39:12):
What a field-day for conspiracy theorists. did Big Brother kill the WMD expert? Was he pushed to suicide by the war machine? Read

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