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Monday, 28 July 2003
The Grand Lake Theater is not only the Bay Area’s most beautiful old-time moviehouse. It also displays fantastic political messages on its marquee from time to time, just as the old U.C. Theater did (and how we miss it so!).
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Kayan had this to say (07/28/2003 14:21:44):
Me likes. Another reason for me to move to the East Bay! (More vocal, witty people who'd rather make a point than, say, go shopping on Union Street. Ick.) That picture looks sunny.
dan had this to say (07/30/2003 08:18:54):
Sorry MAtt. The Paramont is the Bay Area's most beautiful old time Movie house. They don't show movies that often, but when they do, you gotta admit, it shore is purdy.
/\/\/\/ had this to say (07/31/2003 11:59:34):
I guess what I meant to say is "The Grand Lake Theater is not only the Bay Area's most beautiful working old-time moviehouse...."

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