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Thursday, 03 July 2003
Senate majority leader Bill Frist used to adopt stray cats, take them home, kill them, and cut them into pieces. I ain’t kidding.

[feel free to use gatsby/daisy as user/pass pair; found on The Morning News]
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JNewton had this to say (07/03/2003 17:07:00):
Out of everything posted on this site so far, dumbass John wins for most humorous post and I choose this as winner for most disturbing. Well, technically, the award goes to Matt for the humor but if it had not been for John's 'facist' comment, well, us readers never would have gotten the good chuckle we did. At any rate, please forgive me for thinking a little too long on this one… I want to believe that Frist at least killed the cats 'nicely' before hacking away. Unfortunately, I see Frist flogging his cats against a wall Monty Python style… Or maybe our crazed Frist was thoughtful enough to give the cats a few Whip-Its before beginning his procedure? Now, I am not a fan of felines by any stretch of the imagination, but I gotta draw the line somewhere. Adopting and then hacking up cats Norman Bates style just should not be on any politician's resume. Wow.
/\/\/\/ had this to say (07/03/2003 17:46:28):
What the hell is a Whip-It?
JNewton had this to say (07/04/2003 09:48:04):
You know, one of those nitrous cannister things... You went to Berkeley and you don't know what a Whip-It is?

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