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Thursday, 02 November 2006
1. The new Sequoia e-voting machines set to debut in my home county of Alameda next week apparently have a rather awful flaw: “Just push the yellow button and you can vote as many times as you want.” No kidding. And of course, the brain-dead (or are they willfully devious?) public officials who have adopted this horrid technology are still missing the point. They say they’re going to ensure that poll workers watch the machines all day — to make sure there’s no funny business from the voters. Apparently nobody remembers Florida in 2000, which taught us that it’s not the voters you have to worry about, but the election officials themselves, who now have another tool in their arsenal should they decide to rig an election and leave no evidence behind. This is frightening as all hell. The Help America Vote Act of 2002 has proven to be exactly what you would expect from the current Republican regime — a boondoggle for greedy/evil corporations that want government money (heaps of it) for producing shitty products or providing shitty services. We’re seeing it all over the map. Halliburton in Iraq. Various companies providing expensive, ineffective machines for the “security theater” ridiculousness at our airports. And then companies like Diebold and Sequoia, who really take the cake because they’re not just providing shitty solutions — they’re undermining our very democracy. Three cheers for the American Way.

2. Heard this joke last night, am loving it. How many Bush administration officials does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None, as there is nothing wrong with the lightbulb — as a matter of fact, the situation with the lightbulb is improving every day. And it’s hard work. But any talk of a lack of illumination is liberal, Democrat spin. Besides, you think the Democrats have a plan to replace the lightbulb? They want us to just live in the dark! That’s what you’re voting for if you vote for a Democrat — you’re voting for darkness. Why do you hate our freedom?
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kayan had this to say (11/03/2006 08:50:46):
I like the joke, but it's hard to memorize for party joke-telling purposes. Heck, I screw up one-line knock knock jokes....

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