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Monday, 23 June 2003
John Edwards has balls. William Saletan proves it with a fantastic, short dissection of the candidate’s current message.

Points two through six form what I think is a strong common-sense argument that, if eloquently and passionately and intelligently voiced by a charismatic candidate, could put Boosh right out on his keyster. What are the odds?

[We now pause for a self-absorbed moment to note that this is mahna mahblog’s hundredth post. Huzzah!]
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Hatchjaw had this to say (06/24/2003 14:44:32):
[Huzzah indeed, you geek!]
John had this to say (06/24/2003 15:12:32):
I disagree with his assertion that Bush is a Socialist. He's a facist, his governing and how the senate, house and supreme court are almost moot now really underlines that for me.

That or he's in some other dictatorship run by one party. Socialist would be a workers party with no class (that's socialism in principle)... Facism is dictatorship with control over the media, the government, and thus the people.
/\/\/\/ had this to say (06/24/2003 15:58:58):
An extraordinarily wise political scientist who has labored in utter obscurity his entire professional career and whom I shall not name here has told me numerous times over the years that there is nothing more annoying (and, at election time, nothing more dangerous to the system) than a person who thinks they understand politics (and the political system they encounter) but in fact does not. With an eye toward improving the situation, I offer the following. . . . First, let's get literate: There is an 's' in "fascist." Now then. Sure, Congress is ineffectual, but it is definitely not "almost moot." The Supreme Court, moot? Did you read the news (or this blog) yesterday? And if the Supreme Court doesn't matter, why are both President and Congress ready for a battle royale over the next appointment to the court? Furthermore, socialism has nothing to do with parties and little to do with class: At its core it is based on the idea that the state can best provide [fill in the blank] for the people. Your definition of fascism leaves out the fact that fascism stems from nationalism gone berzerk and embraces widespread censorship and terror. Things aren't quite *that* bad under Bush. After all, I remain free to criticize him here in this public sphere. Were we living under a fascist regime, the gendarmes would be here before I even got to finish wri
John had this to say (06/25/2003 08:57:38):
You got cut off and I'll cut this off because I didn't expect to get insulted with my views.

Thanks for playing the asshole
/\/\/\/ had this to say (06/25/2003 10:49:58):
I didn't get cut off. It's called subtle humor, John, and I'd hoped it would take the sting out of the fact that I called your bluff, but apparently it went right over your head. . . . You have a choice: Learn to defend your views, or be an angry online punk. Your choice. You could have chosen to, for instance, explain why you think the Court is no longer relevant. Gonna pack up your toys and go home instead? Again: Your choice.
Ann had this to say (07/02/2003 18:04:53):
Actually, Matt, there are two 's' in fascist. :P How ya doin'?

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