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Wednesday, 18 June 2003
Last week, British Prime Minister Tony Blair abolished the office of Lord Chancellor (which has been around since 605 C.E.) and paved the way for a Supreme Court to replace it. I love the British political system: It is like a cranky, pissy, gummy old engine that seems built to last forever. It’s flexible enough (unwritten constitutions help in that respect) and magical enough to rear up every now and again, sputter and cough, backfire, and then neatly retune itself. Hell, even the elections come along at irregular intervals. “Surprise! Time for new leaders!” That can happen in Britain. And Tony Blair can establish a Supreme Court. Cuz they don’t have one.

Of course, the Tories are saying not so fast. (Love those wigs, too.)

[A Reuters article running in “Bangladesh’s Independent News Source” — isn’t the web the damnedest thing?]
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Dan had this to say (06/18/2003 14:04:20):
Do you love Whigs, too?
John had this to say (06/20/2003 14:58:49):
Sorry, I lost interest in Great Britian when the Beatles broke up...

...long before I was even born...

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