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Thursday, 05 June 2003
“The postwar period in Iraq is messy. We haven’t found what we said we’d find there and there are unpleasant questions about assumptions we made and intelligence we had,” said one senior official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “If many more months go by and our troops are still there, the Iraqis are still fighting each other and us, and we still haven’t found any WMD, there will be hell to pay.”
Oh yeah? Ya mean things aren’t looking so good overseas? Well they’re no better here, where a new government audit spells it out quite clearly: Detentions of foreigners following 9/11 were “unduly harsh”. (A Justice Department spokeswoman’s response was the bureaucratic equivalent of “tough shit.”) Meanwhile, the Rs decided to trim the cost of the President’s tax cut by hosing cuts for the folks who need it most.

But not to worry. Perhaps it will all be over soon. (If you feel down about this stuff a lot, perhaps you should bookmark that last link.)
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John had this to say (06/09/2003 09:27:19):
....Not to mention that they found out that the US Economy is in dire straights after correct accounting. The actual US Debt is 43 TRILLION DOLLARS..

How does Dubya service this?? TAX CUTS! TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH! WE'LL SAVE AMERICA THROUGH TAX CUTS!!! ::rolling my eyes in disgust::
Michael had this to say (06/17/2003 15:34:03):
Wow! It's like waiting for christmas when you were a little kid. Someone ought to produce a "Show the dumb cocksucker the door day" advent cards.

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