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Monday, 16 May 2005
Have you made up your mind on John Bolton, W’s nominee to represent us at the United Nations? Even if you have, you won’t believe this 90-second QuickTime video of Bolton first stating his view that “there is no United Nations” and then proceeding to go absolutely apeshit when someone (in this case, a very mild-mannered individual) has the audacity to politely disagree with him in a public forum.

This guy is both a moron and an ass. It will be a very sad thing if the Senate confirms him. There is no place in diplomacy for people who lose their cool and begin shouting when confronted with opposing ideas. Diplomacy is all about working with people when ideas clash. That’s why we call it DIPLOMACY, dammit!

[spotted, oddly enough, at The Huffington Post]
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the_lucky_duck had this to say (05/18/2005 10:27:27):
One word pops into my head, yet again: CANADA

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