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Wednesday, 10 December 2003
This is ironic. (Doncha think?)
posted to /news at 4:10pm :: 5 responses

Felish had this to say (12/10/2003 16:25:18):
Am I dumb? I don't get it AT ALL.
Why will they fly him home, why not just give him the gas to fly himself home?
Also, what does this title mean:
"Antarctica New Zealand Chief Executive Lou Sanson"????
Dan had this to say (12/11/2003 08:41:10):
Can someone FedEx the guy some gas? I am willing to chip in 10 bucks...Does FedEx even go there? And if they don't want people coming there, aren't they setting up a situation where even MORE people have to come down to rescue him? And leave the Shorthaired Canadian Warbler out of this, please.
Debi had this to say (12/11/2003 12:44:52):
O.K. that's it, I'm canceling my vacation plans for Antarctica.
/\/\/\/ had this to say (12/11/2003 14:37:33):
Dan, I refuse to believe that Alanis is now short-haired until I see a picture. :)
dorcas had this to say (12/11/2003 17:33:12):
i didn't believe it either, until i saw the ugly truth. lookeehere and here.

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