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Friday, 20 February 2004
Our eejit governor wants it to stop immediately, but the gay marriage train has been rolling for about a week now, right across the bay from me, in the city where I work and sometimes play. Two people I know have married their longtime partners thanks to Mayor Gavin Newsom. These are beautiful, loving people I’m talking about — people who treat others one hell of a lot better than plenty of straight people I’ve known. People who would probably make much better parents than plenty of parents I’ve known.

I mean, just look at these loving people. Counterarguments hold no water: “Equality” means marriage cannot be a reward for having been born heterosexual.

[Besides, the king of Cambodia thinks it’s a great idea!]
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Ignatz Ratsywatski had this to say (02/23/2004 08:14:16):
I, for one, would also like to see that guy be able to marry the tree that he has chosen for his life partner.

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