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Monday, 27 October 2003

Yesterday, my grandmother was evacuated from her house in San Diego and told to flee the oncoming brush fire. So far, her house remains standing. The rest of my family is just trying to cope with the unbreathable air and the miserable heat. My mother took the preceding picture from her backyard yesterday morning, before the last bits of blue sky disappeared. She says that ash has been falling like snow for nearly 24 hours now. It is not unusual for me to feel glad that I am not in San Diego, but today, whoa Nellie am I ever glad I’m not in San Diego.
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anna bruce had this to say (10/27/2003 13:21:34):
the house i grew up in burned down. i haven't lived there for 13 years, but i still feel kind of weird and sad about that. :( i hope your family remains okay and their house is undamaged.
/\/\/\/ had this to say (10/27/2003 14:17:32):
Wow. That's really strange. I now have two friends whose childhood homes have burned down. (The first lost her house in the Oakland Hills firestorm of 1991.) Best wishes, Anna.
dan had this to say (10/28/2003 08:40:14):
Any truth to the rumors that one of the files was started by some Chicago movie critic wanting to recreate the smells of autumn from his childhood by setting a pile of leaves on fire?
Kath had this to say (10/28/2003 10:10:48):
Wow, what a picture.

It's strange living up here and hearing about what's going on in San Diego. It was frustrating Sunday because all the news coverage was still of San Bernardino. The maps showing the fire damage in San Diego were pitiful (finally there's a decent one today on

Candice and her new husband had to evacuate their apartment in Tierrasanta. They checked to make sure they still had an apartment by calling their answering machine. Yesterday they were allowed to return and discovered the that fire burned within 10 feet of their building (not their complex, their building). Before they were allowed back they stayed at Candice's parents' house where a voluntary evacuation order was in effect. They almost had to evacuate twice.

Some more pics:

Check out the sky behind the reclining girl:

Check out the pool picture. I also like the intro: "I always said that I hope Santee gets destroyed. And I always meant it until it came to a point where it was actually a possibility."

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