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Wednesday, 16 April 2003
The World Health Organization has confirmed that SARS is caused by the “same virus” that brought you the common cold. If that’s true, then how come every article I read speaks optimistically of a vaccine or even a cure? I mean, if it’s the same virus that causes the cold — which, last time I checked, can’t be prevented or killed off once it’s got you — then aren’t we just fucked?
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Byrne Reese had this to say (04/17/2003 06:19:46):
It depends upon how stable the virus is. From what I understand, the common cold is so difficult to cure because of how frequently it mutates - it is incredibly unstable, and because there are so many strains out there constantly co-mingling that there is no way for doctors to realistic create *a* vaccine -- because one you vaccinate someone, a new strain has emerged.

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