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Tuesday, 03 February 2004
Monsanto, which makes a strong showing annually in the “Most Evil Corporation of the Year” competition, has been awarded a patent on the wheat that northern Indians grow to make chapati, the flat bread so common in that part of the world. Monsanto didn’t engineer some new strain of wheat or anything like that. They simply identified the gene sequence inherent in wheat that Indian farmers had crossbred into perfection over the centuries. Now they own it. The world has gone mad. If this keeps up, greedy, balding white men are going to own the very air we breathe.
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Byrne Reese had this to say (02/03/2004 07:28:36):
jen had this to say (04/09/2004 22:38:01):
and wouldn't you know, there's a v.g. winery in Italy called Monsanto. I've visited it.

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