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Like many personal blogs of its era, this blog is moribund, a casualty of what we might call "the Facebook effect." However, as of late 2015, two things are clear: (1) The Indie Web is a thing, and (2) the re-decentralization of the web is a thing. So who knows? 2016 2017 2018 (!) could be the year this blog rises from its own ashes. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 02 April 2003
If it is a crime to be an Arab-American citizen of these United States, with a wife, three beautiful children, and a successful career, then I suppose Mike Hawash is guilty. But last time I checked, none of these things are a crime. And yet Federal authorities are holding Mike Hawash despite having charged him with no crime. Keep in mind when you ponder this frightful scenario that in John Ashcroft’s America, you can be detained indefinitely without ever being charged with a crime. Please go check this out. The site I’ve linked to is run by a former Intel vice president and friend of Mr. Hawash who is concerned and outraged and trying to reverse this travesty of justice — a type of travesty that is becoming more and more prevalent in our country.
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