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Wednesday, 01 December 2004
My vote for Idiot Parent of the Year goes to “Confused in Virginia,” who wrote to Dear Abby this week:
My 16-year-old daughter went to a party at a frat house where she was given a great deal to drink. Feeling “woozy,” she went outside. One of the “boys” suggested she go back to his room to lie down. She had known this fellow before that night and trusted him. She was drunk, and he had sex with her. It was her first time. She claims she tried to make him stop, but he wouldn’t.

Shouldn’t the young man be punished in some way? I feel something should be done, and I also worry about him doing this to some other girl. Would this constitute date rape?
Let’s get this straight: You let your daughter, at the tender age of sixteen, attend a frat party, where she boozed it up and, in your mind, was perhaps sexually assaulted. Your first stab at dealing with this … is to write to Dear Abby? The mind reels. Yes, “Confused,” something should be done about this, and we can only hope that you grow a brain and help your young’n get the help she needs before she finds herself suffering from depression, unable to have a healthy relationship (sexual or otherwise) with a man, or addicted to one substance or another. By the way, “Confused,” please do tell us that your reproducing days are over, hmm?
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katya had this to say (12/01/2004 09:31:00):
I read that one at the paper at the time, and thought the same thing. Wait to go, Mom, for waiting so long to go to the hospital that there won't be any physical evidence to tie the guy to the crime! Woo!

There was an even bigger idiot about a month ago who give Abby computer advice. There are so many red flags in this about the writer, and Abby was a bigger idiot for thinking this guy was an expert and printing his letter.

Some red flags:
"They must think I have "sucker" tattooed on my forehead."
(I'm guessing there's a reason.)

"Well, I'm not stupid. I gave them the account number of a bank I no longer do business with."
(I know a better idea - how about not giving them one of your account numbers at all. And what happens if they can access some of your private info because they have your account number.)

Wow, no one's heard of that there Nigeria scam.

And my favorite part: "So, Abby, please warn your readers if they receive any type of e-mail, or regular mail, or even a phone call to that effect, they should explain it all to the Secret Service like I did."
(Great idea. I'm sure the Secret Service wants to take time out of their busy schedules to take care of about 500 million incidents per year of the Nigerian spam scam. And why the Secret Service by the way? Are they standing in front of the president to protect him from deadly e-mail, regular mail, and phone scams?)
katya had this to say (12/01/2004 09:31:51):
Yikes. I really need to use html tags next time I comment. Sorry.
/\/\/\/ had this to say (12/01/2004 10:29:49):
No worries. I really need to hack my comments code to notice and maintain paragraph breaks and such.

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