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Wednesday, 02 March 2005
Hong Kong towerIt’s been a while since I’ve encountered a photoblog that stopped me in my tracks. The images of Hong Kong appearing at overshadowed have me totally mesmerized. The city, bathed in artificial light on a foggy night, looks like a cleaner, saner version of Blade Runner’s “Los Angeles 2019.” And the subway shots! Don’t even get me started about the subway shots!

[thanks to the_lucky_duck for the link]
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the lucky duck had this to say (03/02/2005 16:31:06):
Yo, tourist! Stop calling it the subway! It's the MTR.
When you click on the image on the right, you will see a building with circular windows. When I was growing up in Hong Kong (1975-1985), that was the city's tallest building. It's a lil' dwarf now.

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