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Wednesday, 16 June 2004
…a man who never lived had a relatively ordinary day. Happy Bloomsday to everyone, especially all my friends partying down in Dublin tonight! (Shouts out to DS, KC, SC, JH. Y’all have a cheese sammich and a glass of burgundy for me, y’hear?)

[Kudos to Google for the celebratory logo they’re sportin’ today. And finally, beware the Bloomsday virus!]
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Hatchjaw had this to say (06/16/2004 15:27:24):
"If he had smiled why would he have smiled? To reflect that each one who enters imagines himself to be the first to enter whereas he is always the last term of a preceding series even if the first term of a succeeding one, each imagining himself to be first, last, only and alone whereas he is neither first nor last nor only nor alone in a series originating in and repeated to infinity." (Ulysses, chapter 17)
katya had this to say (06/17/2004 09:33:13):
I thought of you when I saw Google's logo.
katya had this to say (06/17/2004 09:36:21):
Is it just me or does James Joyce look like Woody Harrelson? At least James Joyce (hopefully) would have the sense to stay out of "The Cowboy Way."
ignatz ratskywatsky had this to say (07/01/2004 14:33:59):
No one could get near acheese sammich at DB's, as it was solid overflow, efen when I walked by at 2 45 PM. Peple just out into the street. Seems a popular place to go on Bloomsday, that one.

Went to the Ormand Hotel a few nights before and asked the bartender where Mr Bloom used to sit. He gave me the blankest look I've ever seen. Not. A . Clue.

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