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Like many personal blogs of its era, this blog is moribund, a casualty of what we might call "the Facebook effect." However, as of late 2015, two things are clear: (1) The Indie Web is a thing, and (2) the re-decentralization of the web is a thing. So who knows? 2016 2017 2018 (!) could be the year this blog rises from its own ashes. Stay tuned!

Monday, 03 May 2004
Haven’t you always wanted to dig a really kickass hole in your backyard?

[spotted on MetaFilter]
posted to /misc at 4:03pm :: 3 responses

dave had this to say (05/04/2004 04:52:25):
Absolutely wonderful, although I could do without the killing and eating of snakes, and the "my fat wife" business....
katya had this to say (05/04/2004 10:36:57):
Yeah. It was really cool until he started talking about using it for huntin' and then it took a little creepy turn.
katya had this to say (05/10/2004 09:38:06):
In terms of chronicling a project on the internet, my favorite is The StinkyFeet Diaries - one man's attempt to infect himself with athlete's foot.

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