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Friday, 21 January 2005
The Buffalo Beast brings us the 50 Most Loathsome People in America (the 2004 edition). I don’t think I disagree with a single choice they’ve made. Some excerpts:
Colin Quinn: “Blamed cancellation of his awful show on reverse racism, ignoring his pathetic ratings, stumbling speech and the fact that his entire C-list entourage couldn’t beat Pamela Anderson at Trivial Pursuit.” … Dick Cheney: “The kind of guy who starts talking cannibalism the minute he steps on the lifeboat.” … Ben Affleck: “His uncanny ability to produce an unending stream of shitty movies and still get work rivals that of even Kevin Costner.” … Dan Rather: “Made Peter Jennings the most credible anchor in the business.” … Jessica Simpson: “The aesthetic equivalent of vitamin D milk.” … Donald Rumsfeld: “Carries himself in press conferences like a cranky grandfather who is sick of hearing his daughters whine about how he molested them every now and then.”
Any additional nominees? Oh, by the way, you should give this a read, just in case you’re on the list too…

[spotted at MetaFilter]
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kayan had this to say (01/24/2005 00:13:58):
gwyneth paltrow did a movie called "slide."
kayan had this to say (01/24/2005 00:15:15):
oops. it was "sliding doors." good enough.
ignatz ratskiwatski had this to say (01/24/2005 15:37:37):
Yes, indeed, you are on this list. Number 3, to be exact, but it's a highly enjoyable read anyway...
Hasn't Gwynnie suffered enough already without you dissing her? I mean, Kevin Spacey cutting her little head off and putting it in a box?
Julia Roberts is far more horrible these days.

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