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Wednesday, 30 November 2005
Many of my friends, I have discovered over the past few years, are fellow members of the Church of NyQuil — true believers in the product’s ability to mitigate the inherent nastiness of a winter cold that’s set in. I imagine they’ll be as horrified as I am to learn that one of NyQuil’s key ingredients, pseudoephedrine (a.k.a. Sudafed, the lowest-common-denominator knock-you-out-but-clear-your-sinuses decongestant) has been removed from the NyQuil mix, apparently because too many FUCKING TWEAK JUNKIES* were stealing NyQuil to make crystal meth. So, this Public Service Announcement: When your winter cold sets in, look for the generic NyQuil equivalent that hasn’t yet removed the precious de-snotting ingredient.

* Sorry for the caps. But tweakers suck.
[spotted at digg.comfinally, a better Slashdot than Slashdot!]
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Jackson West had this to say (12/01/2005 00:35:29):
Note that they didn't take out the dextromethorphan -- which metabolizes into codeine. Personally, I always thought that an antihistamine like Benadryl would have been better for a knockout drug like NyQuil, seeing as how Sudafed is a mild upper.
katya had this to say (12/01/2005 10:05:57):
I had to buy Sudafed last week, and when I went to Safeway I discovered that for the small size you had to take a the laminated card from the Sudafed bin up to customer service whereupon after showing ID to verify that you're over 18, they would give you the goods. They told me this was because of youngsters abusing Sudafed. Oddly enough I only had to go through this for the small size, the large size was still available without the laminated card dog and pony show.

Note: This seems easy enough with trained Safeway employees. Now guess who I got.

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