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Monday, 28 April 2003
Yesterday afternoon, I had already done my “work” (read: apartment hunting) for the day, so I headed into the City for a walk on the beach. If you’re me, you need walks on the beach from time to time. I’ve had one coming for a few weeks now. It was overdue.

Walks at Ocean Beach are one of the very few rituals in my life. The rules are simple.
  1. Drive to Ocean Beach; park at the southmost end of the lot near the foot of Lincoln Way.
  2. Shoes and socks come off. Pants get rolled up. It’s better if you wear shorts, or those crazy cargo pants whose shins zip off, resulting in a long, many-pocketed pair of shorts.
  3. Walk straight out to the water’s edge, get feet wet. It hurts at first.
  4. Turn right. Walk northward till you arrive at the cliff wall where further progress is impossible.
  5. Touch cliff wall. Very important.
  6. Walk back.
  7. Sit on the sand or atop the sea wall for as long as you like before leaving.
  8. Drive home barefoot (with the heater on).
Yesterday, as usual, there were many things to see and notice and take delight in during the walk:
  • broken sand dollars
  • a lifeguard making a rescue in the frigid surf
  • a man playing horseshoes
  • kites
  • a dog that barks at kites
  • an old man shorefishing
  • sandpipers catching sand crabs
  • a large, washed-up, nondescript liquor bottle (no message)
  • remains of sea creatures dashed to bits by the waves
  • a ranger on a beautiful horse
And yesterday, as usual, as I walked I contemplated many things:
  • that we all come from the sea
  • that walking barefoot along the water’s edge, feet impacting that jelloey, saturated sand, feet sometimes submerged, feet numb but not hurting, is one of the most splendid modes of walking; I feel like I could walk forever along the shore
  • that loneliness is not a crime, nor even shameful
  • that there are afflictions that can only been seen from within, but this is no problem, as those same afflictions can only be cured (often easily) from within
  • that I look forward to finding a beloved so that I can bring her to the beach and kiss her while my feet are bare, submerged, numb
  • that I cannot wait to bring a child of mine to the beach for the first time
  • that no matter how far back I go in my life story, there is always a beach
et la mer viendra pour m’embrasser
pour moi vais la maison
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Felish had this to say (04/29/2003 15:52:09):
i may not be able to cry right now, because i am at work, but if i were not at work, i'd be able to say this was so beautiful it made me cry.
yo momma had this to say (05/18/2003 20:14:46):
The first time we put you in the ocean, I cried with joy. Your daddy and you..and the ocean: a great combo.
katya had this to say (08/23/2004 09:42:30):
Point Isabel is my favorite place to walk in the Bay Area. Dogs run around off-leash, and that's the big attraction for me. There are always retrievers (like Murphy R.I.P.) at the shore edge diving into the Bay to retrieve tennis balls. We brought our old roommate here and she declared it one of the happiest places she's ever been to. There's nothing like watching dogs to lift up your spirits.

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