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Monday, 15 March 2004
Budget Travel magazine has some thoughts on where to grab really cheap meals in San Francisco. I can personally report on a few of their picks: Nirvana, Home, and Eos are fantastic, while Red’s Java House is not everything it’s cracked up to be. At the very end of the article, they tease me by mentioning a riceless carne asada burrito available in the Mission, which is definitely going to merit further investigation. And soon.
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katya had this to say (03/16/2004 10:45:03):
Oddly enough that article was written by my History 5 TA from my freshman year (I'm sure it was her since she was also involved in producing the now defunct Berkeley series of travel guides).

The list is pretty Mexican heavy overall. I've been to Q and thought it was just OK. I've been meaning to try Emmy's, Home, EOS, and Dragon Well (which sounds like Eric's - that Chinese place in Noe Valley I took you to)for awhile. Nirvana and Hang Ah sound yummy. Butterfly moved to the North Waterfront, so I thought they closed their location in the Mission.

If you're a foodie, you should check out There's a very active Bay Area board.

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