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Monday, 10 July 2006
Cody's Books (RIP)The Telegraph Avenue location of Cody’s Books closes today. It’s big news. People are sad. I was feeling the same way until I read these latest words from owner Andy Ross:
“Students today, they use the Internet. They read their textbooks,” Ross said. “In the ’70s, they had wide-ranging intellect.”
This is not the first time Ross has blamed his clientele (and elsewhere, the city of Berkeley) for the fact that he failed to adequately respond to changes in his own industry and in his business’s immediate environment. Your bookshop is not shutting down today because 21st-century students suck and don’t read books, Mr. Ross. Your bookshop is shutting down in part because your mindset shaped your business, and that mindset has become a lot more friendly to the yuppies who inhabit your store on Fourth Street than it has to the university students of today, plenty of whom have wide-ranging intellects and might have kept your store alive had you not been so dismissive and scornful of them.

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EDahl had this to say (07/11/2006 00:06:57):
Good luck with that Stockton St. store, too, Andy. Were you trying to give that place the worst layout in bookstore history? 'Cause if so, mission accomplished. The magazine rack on the back wall with about three feet between it and the nearby stacks is a particularly nice touch.
dorcas had this to say (07/19/2006 11:48:17):
are bookstores going extinct? a clean well-lighted place for books is going bye-bye today. support your local bookstores and stop buying crap on amazon, people! geez.
dorcas had this to say (07/19/2006 11:52:16):
tho the article does say that a new independent bookstore is going up in its place. perhaps it's not amazon's fault after all -- but you should support your local bookseller regardless. sheesh.

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