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Wednesday, 17 September 2003
Wandering ever-so-slightly off the beaten path in southwest Berkeley last Saturday, I found a building that was really a ghost.
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tired of reading a message had this to say (09/17/2003 04:56:09):
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dave had this to say (09/17/2003 05:33:26):
Oh, I have always loved the hygienic dog food company. There are some treasures in that neighborhood, down in Emeryville there is Rondoni's 6500 club, and the Doggie Diner house, and all that good stuff.
tired of people who won't ugrade had this to say (09/17/2003 06:25:05):
Upgrade your damn browser you nit wit and join the other 95% of the world who have somehow managed to install newer browsers.
/\/\/\/ had this to say (09/17/2003 11:05:32):
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kath had this to say (09/17/2003 12:28:06):
I just saw that place the other day while driving around. (Can't remember the intersection. I think it was visible from Ashby looking to the south down one of those streets west of San Pablo) I pointed it out to Mark at the time and said "hygenic dog food?"

I love old buildings with huge painted on signs. In downtown Berkeley there's a huge sign on the side of a building that has since (many times) changed uses that says "Acheson's Phys..." somthing or rather. Oh well.
dave had this to say (09/18/2003 05:10:34):
Ah, the web has moved on. Oh well. I wonder if it has really gotten any better, though. Thank god *I'm* more than three years old.

-still likes email in a monospaced font
kath had this to say (09/18/2003 09:29:26):
The business section of today's Chronicle has an article about old business signs on buildings. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, it just reminded me of your Hygenic Dog Food. When I was a Geography major I took cool classes like History of the American Landscape (which I later T.A.ed), and we'd look for clues like old business signs when studying a neighborhood.
/\/\/\/ had this to say (09/18/2003 10:31:06):
Shame on you, kath, for not providing a link to the article you reference. :)
kath had this to say (09/19/2003 09:45:53):
Yeah, yeah, yeah... I just figured you had the Chronicle in front of you.

Incidentally, they mention my Acheson Physicians Building that I included in my comment the day before the article came out. I am a soothsayer!

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