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Saturday, 22 November 2003
Here’s what the Big Game bonfire looked like last night at Cal’s Greek Theater. Walking back down southside, we passed under the Campanille, which was lit up in blue with gold graphics on each side, like this representation of the coveted Axe.

It took Cal two quarters to heat up today, but the result was sweet, sweet, sweet. Cal 28, Stanfurd 16.

Things are always strange when we visit the Farm but there was something especially strange (and, though it pains me to admit, cool) going on down there today, as you can see in the shot I took of the Stanfurd Band doing their moronic bit before the game. Look back there on the sideline, and you’ll see a large Trojan Rabbit, straight out of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. We never did find out what the deal with it was. It left before the end of the game.
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dave had this to say (11/24/2003 11:01:58):
You know, I'm surprised that you don't appreciate the Stanfurd Band. You profess to love creative, unconventional things, and the Stanfurd Band is certainly an unconventional marching band. I love marching bands too, but face it, they positively reek of faux-militarism, which is certainly worth mocking.

Also, if it's the Big Game, where the hell are all the spectators? The place looks empty!
/\/\/\/ had this to say (11/25/2003 00:54:12):
You raise three good points, each of which I shall answer, though briefly. 1) The Stanfurd Band is certainly unconventional. There is very little that is creative about it, however. They are a bunch of wiseass punks who are revered for being wiseass punks. They belong in a fraternity. 2) Because they march with precision they are faux-militaristic? How many generations removed from its military origins does something have to be before it is pure? 3) That is the Stanfurd side of the stadium. Their folks showed up way late, left way early. They have no spirit. They have no souls. What you cannot see is the half of the stadium that was solid blue and gold before the first kickoff till after the final whistle. I was so in the midst of it, there was no way to get a good shot!
dave had this to say (11/26/2003 20:31:36):
Hey, dude, don't get me wrong, I like marching bands a lot. I have fond memories from high school of climbing on top of the press box at Edwards stadium to watch marching band rehearsal, for example. The faux-militarism doesn't bother me, but it is worth some occasional mockery. A marching band that wasn't faux-militaristic wouldn't be much really, but it's a lot more than the marching. It's the uniforms, the use of martial musical instruments, and of course, as long as it has to do with football, it's going to be about rallying the charge. It's not a problem per se, but it is an element that can be made fun of.

You're just smarting from when Stanfurd played UCSD and the band's routine was called "things to see and do in San Diego." They spelled out "ZOO." Then they spelled out "UHHHH...", and then went back to "ZOO."
Spike had this to say (12/03/2003 13:53:03):
That trojan was Bunbun, out there trying to get behind enemy lines so's he could pummel a few band members.

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