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Tuesday, 05 August 2003
You see the damnedest things on the streets of San Francisco.
posted to /life/bayarea at 11:05pm :: 31 responses

yo momma had this to say (08/11/2003 10:27:33):
OUCH! New meaning to "low rider." I can barely make out the vanity plate; "pain" what?
/\/\/\/ had this to say (08/11/2003 16:34:12):
Yo, Momma: *Click* the image to make it bigger. The vanity plate reads PAULIEF and I think is unrelated to the vehicle's gonads.
PAULIEF had this to say (06/06/2004 18:59:59):
Did a search and found this post. Yea, that is My MINI cooper. And I cut the balls off a few months ago. Whats the problem?
Chuck had this to say (09/15/2006 18:05:27):
I think every male car should have a pair, but I have to admit I don't like the way you are discriminating against female cars--they deserve their genitals, too. Thank you.
Hi Mom had this to say (09/15/2006 21:28:37):
omg, I think I just shot Coke out of my nose.
humina9 had this to say (09/15/2006 22:13:12):
Now that's a auto with balls! Hanging a bit to the right but hilarious non the less.
@watch tv for free had this to say (09/16/2006 00:20:00):
Awesome, it looks fake but still.
am had this to say (09/16/2006 04:03:46):
One of my coworkers has these hanging from his his pickup trailer hitch. I wondered what the hell they were for, or what he was trying to say, but I haven't had the need to get punched for asking him. Perhaps one day he will find his truck castrated and the balls stuffed in the radiator.
Bob Obringer had this to say (09/16/2006 12:20:02):
@watch tv for free "Awesome, it looks fake but still" Uh... as opposed to REAL car balls?
bobo had this to say (09/16/2006 14:16:06):
lol i want to play with them...
Your Mom had this to say (09/17/2006 08:29:01):
"Awesome, it looks fake but still." Well, that has to be the dumbest comment ever. They look fake? Maybe it's because they are? Were you hoping to see a real scrotum hanging down from the bumper of a mini? I wonder if that car pulls to the left when you gun it.
pm had this to say (09/17/2006 14:11:53):
Yo Mama you as thick at BO, yo Bob you as sharp as a sausage: am meant the photo looks faked, methinks
bk had this to say (09/17/2006 16:11:52):
That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Do you idiots really want your little girls to see that? Do you really want to look like an uneducated, immoral, freak in front of a bunch of people every day? Would you ever see something like that hanging from a really nice vehicle? Driven by someone who has some sense. NO! Grow up, have some sense for God's sake....
Jen had this to say (09/17/2006 22:55:39):
Hehehe, I think what's more funny than the picture is "bk" ranting on how it must take someone who is an "uneducated, immoral freak" to have a sense of humor. In Texas, that's a common sight, but not on Mini's. LOL! I LOVE the humor of it all. "My little car has balls too!" HAHA!
woody had this to say (09/18/2006 01:20:42):
I think it is really funny. As regards letting little girls see it, as to what ?? Sheltering them? Children will not make a big deal of it, and probably forget about it a lot quicker than we think they will. Besides it is not going to emotioanlly scar them for life! The person driving the nice vehicle could be a child molester!! You never know!!
jh had this to say (09/18/2006 12:23:53):
They must be awfully heavy, the car appears to be leaning to the right.
dandydgrus had this to say (09/20/2006 10:02:38):
These are available from a website called Bumbernuts. Check it out.
jack6two had this to say (09/28/2006 05:42:09):
i think, the balls had to be to heavy and thick! The poor dude had to cut off they. It's a funny look!
Gael4ce had this to say (09/30/2006 10:03:17):
I've been seeing these around town. My first thought was "gee, guess the driver doesn't have any......" It looks like a public display of masculine insecurity to me, and a guy driving a car w/ these wouldn't get my last name, never mind my phone number. I think it's seriously pathetic, and about as low-brow as "humor" can get. Unfunny, unsophisticated...but on the upside, I can instantly identify the driver as "not my type".
archae had this to say (10/01/2006 10:11:16):
Yesterday I pointed out this phenominon to my wife as a large SUV made a U-turn in front of us. She was astonished, especially since the objects were chromed and both the driver and passenger were mid-aged females. I wonder if they knew they were there and if so what kind of statement they were trying to make.
MO had this to say (10/07/2006 19:18:04):
Wonderful, I think that those who feel that body parts shouldbe concealed are very sick people, too hung up on "morality" of things which can never harm anyone. They must be hypocritical "moral/ family values" republicans sanctioning mark Foley's harassment of pages.
nowhereman had this to say (10/09/2006 09:40:12):
They would be funnier hanging directly under the tailpipe.
surfyngirl had this to say (10/10/2006 06:34:03):
never hurts to keep an extra set around.... could come in handy.....
LaaaTDaaaa had this to say (10/16/2006 12:58:29):
I've got a set and there Blue for good reason!
LaaaTDaaaa had this to say (10/16/2006 12:58:44):
I've got a set hanging and there Blue for good reason!
WaterHog had this to say (11/07/2006 14:36:11):
I have heard that the chrome ones for the trailer hitch were being sold in some areas as a fund raiser in support (no pun intended) of testicular cancer.
Ryan had this to say (01/11/2007 23:44:56):
Sheesh, i cant believe that so many people get upset about this type of thing!! Thats called regression, im guessing that an erection is probably frowned upon unless you are planning to make a hoard of babies? sucks to be your life partners. All the other people who think its hilarious... its time you all realise something!!! It is Bladdy hilarious!!!! if i saw this (ive only ever seen a car with a fake arm comin out the hood or a leg outa the grill :) I very much doubt children would be screaming all around me and the only thing rushing through my mind is that hedonistics bastarts moral right to be alive! Ide go up to em and say "THATS AWESOME" because its funny and shows that the owner has a "personality" and sense of humour that removes em from the world of prudes and socially incapably tools with nothing better to do than JUDGE JUDGE JUDGE! Take a wild guess at who id become mates with. I apologise for the rant but not the purpose of it.... THose NUTS are Awesome and damn funny... not everyday but if those came out just for events or parties or sunday drives im pretty sure they can maintain the unique humour that follows em :)
Douglet had this to say (01/20/2007 23:03:14):
i figure ryans right, and id say the same thing (more or less) if i new the words to use
mickey t had this to say (04/14/2007 06:13:45):
where did "mahna mahna" come from? I've seen it on at least 3 different tv Dr. Pepper, Saturn & so forth.
jack had this to say (04/25/2007 04:37:40):
imposant and thick eggs and sac!!
Jordan had this to say (07/18/2007 03:51:32):
I saw these when i was in Florida on holiday. I would like some for my car and wondered if anyone knew if you could get them anywhere in England.

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