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Like many personal blogs of its era, this blog is moribund, a casualty of what we might call "the Facebook effect." However, as of late 2015, two things are clear: (1) The Indie Web is a thing, and (2) the re-decentralization of the web is a thing. So who knows? 2016 2017 2018 (!) could be the year this blog rises from its own ashes. Stay tuned!

Sunday, 05 November 2006
uglycute bulldog
The bulldog I met at the laundromat.

(Double-post today to make up for a busy, postless Saturday. Have I destroyed my NaBloPoMo mojo?)
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Friday, 03 November 2006
My alma mater’s longheld desire to renovate its football stadium has hit yet another unexpected snag: It appears that the current plans would effectively destroy the longstanding Golden Bears institution known as Tightwad Hill. I’ve never watched a game from up there, but I’ve always liked the idea that it was a possibility. My hunch is that the university will destroy the Tightwad tradition, just as surely as it has quashed decades of tradition at nearby Bowles Hall.
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Monday, 04 September 2006
I’ve returned to what Burners call “the default world” and it’s all feeling a little weird. Typical. Over at SFist is a report I filed from Black Rock City. I’ll have a picture gallery up here soon.
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Friday, 04 August 2006
little boy and his parents at the beachJust a few dozen yards away, the boy was squeaking and giggling and splashing up a storm. The best my camera phone could manage to record is the pathetic pixelated piclet you see here. Surprisingly, it does somehow manage to capture (for me, anyway) a bit of the human joy that was present in that moment.

(Note to self: take a real camera to the beach next time.)
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Monday, 31 July 2006

Certificate of Appointment - Deputy Commisioner of Civil Marriages

Yep, I’m a Deputy Commish. Licensed to solemnize!

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Monday, 10 July 2006
Cody's Books (RIP)The Telegraph Avenue location of Cody’s Books closes today. It’s big news. People are sad. I was feeling the same way until I read these latest words from owner Andy Ross:
“Students today, they use the Internet. They read their textbooks,” Ross said. “In the ’70s, they had wide-ranging intellect.”
This is not the first time Ross has blamed his clientele (and elsewhere, the city of Berkeley) for the fact that he failed to adequately respond to changes in his own industry and in his business’s immediate environment. Your bookshop is not shutting down today because 21st-century students suck and don’t read books, Mr. Ross. Your bookshop is shutting down in part because your mindset shaped your business, and that mindset has become a lot more friendly to the yuppies who inhabit your store on Fourth Street than it has to the university students of today, plenty of whom have wide-ranging intellects and might have kept your store alive had you not been so dismissive and scornful of them.

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Tuesday, 02 May 2006
I haven’t yet reached the point on my own life path where I can experience what I imagine is the unparalleled joy of parenthood. But I am very, very much enjoying being an honorary uncle (I really need a better word or phrase than that) to two recent arrivals on this planet. Here I am with young Ben, and even younger Harper.

Me and Ben

Me and Ben

[Thanks to proud fathers Andy and Byrne for the great shots!]
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Monday, 09 January 2006
I have now completed thirty-one journeys around the sun. Saturday night, I celebrated karaoke-style with a few friends:

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Thursday, 08 December 2005


John Winston Ono Lennon, October 9, 1940 - December 8, 1980

[Happily, I know the truth. John lives.]
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Wednesday, 30 November 2005
Many of my friends, I have discovered over the past few years, are fellow members of the Church of NyQuil — true believers in the product’s ability to mitigate the inherent nastiness of a winter cold that’s set in. I imagine they’ll be as horrified as I am to learn that one of NyQuil’s key ingredients, pseudoephedrine (a.k.a. Sudafed, the lowest-common-denominator knock-you-out-but-clear-your-sinuses decongestant) has been removed from the NyQuil mix, apparently because too many FUCKING TWEAK JUNKIES* were stealing NyQuil to make crystal meth. So, this Public Service Announcement: When your winter cold sets in, look for the generic NyQuil equivalent that hasn’t yet removed the precious de-snotting ingredient.

* Sorry for the caps. But tweakers suck.
[spotted at digg.comfinally, a better Slashdot than Slashdot!]
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Tuesday, 20 September 2005
Yes, I came back from the playa in one piece. Changed, but in one piece. Pictures will post soon, and a few of them are really great. I’ve had damn little time for proper “decompression” (the Burner word for re-integrating yourself into the non-playa world without going nuts), having been Best Man in a best friend’s wedding a few short days after I returned, and having been kept on a total freaking treadmill by work and a few other obligations since then. I just want things to calm down and be still for a day or two, but it’s looking like there’s no chance of that for at least another week. Sigh.
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Monday, 22 August 2005
When I was young, I was unfortunately taught to expect a certain bargain out of life. “Work hard,” they told me, “be nice to others, always do your best, and you’ll be rewarded. Good things will come your way.” Of course it isn’t true. There is no bargain to be had with life, no contract you can sign that will remove the uncertainties, the unsatisfactoriness, and the occassional crippling blow.

The playa is different. Last year, the playa made a bargain with me: “Go back out there into that crazy, hardhearted, messed-up world, and survive it for just another year. Get through twelve more months of all that frightful bullshit, and you’ll get to come back here. You’ll get to come back home.” more...
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Saturday, 06 August 2005
When I arrived home yesterday, the following was taped to my front door:

The Man (rendered on notebook paper)

Hell yeah I’m excited! The Man burns in 28 days!

[So much to do, so much to do!]
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Wednesday, 20 July 2005
Also recently spotted in my neighborhood. (Click to embiggen.)

Lost String
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Tuesday, 19 July 2005
Recently spotted in my neighborhood. (Click to embiggen.)

Lost Box
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