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Tuesday, 15 April 2008
Yesterday: Laid off by my employer.

Tomorrow: My first-ever trip to Hawaii.

In between: Completely reacquainted myself with the unstoppable combined powers of the dharma, meditation, and the deep and abiding love of many wonderful people who care for me so much it’s beyond humbling.

New chapters await. An overdue reshuffling of priorities. Already, this soon, excitement is overtaking fear …

(Ka is a wheel!)
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Felish had this to say (04/16/2008 07:12:34):
Sending love your way, tho' per your message we didn't have time to chat last night. Hope to talk soon! Have an excellent time in HI.
kerry had this to say (04/16/2008 07:16:07):
have a wonderful time! we can talk when you get back - this is all a huge blessing, obvs.
katya had this to say (04/16/2008 12:24:33):
Sorry to hear about that, but big changes always turn out for the best. Acquaint yourself with the joys of severance pay, unemployment pay, and waking up whenever you want. And enjoy Hawaii!
Arin had this to say (04/16/2008 23:12:57):
One day you will look back on this and say, "That was the best thing that ever happened to me." Hawaii is going to be great...enjoy the sun and surf!
Newt had this to say (04/17/2008 12:11:10):
Congrats - and welcome to post-PCW
Yael had this to say (04/29/2008 03:05:51):
So when are you going to post your Kauai photos?
ewee had this to say (05/09/2008 15:30:18):
hey, i'm sad that i didn't get to say bye properly, but i'm happy that you're breaking free. best of luck, and see you at farmer joe's or something.

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