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Tuesday, 09 January 2007
(And a wee bit of text: Today was my thirty-second birthday, and it was so, so, so very splendid. I do not have words to describe… I could tell you I walked aerily along a beach lit with the brightness of a thousand centuries… I could tell you about watching the waves roll in with a friend who has been there watching those waves with me for eons… I could tell you about the baby who looked at me with stern, trusting eyes that imparted everything he knew about where he had come from… I could tell you about the toothless old man who walked with a cane and smiled at me, knowing something about my future… And I would not have even begun. So, at a loss to convey what this beautiful day has meant to me, I leave you with four images, and this: I am so blessed. I love you all so much. Namaste.)

birthday shot 1birthday shot 2birthday shot 3birthday shot 4

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Arin had this to say (01/10/2007 10:01:17):
AND you were able to wear a T-shirt, at the beach, on your birthday, IN JANUARY! Happy birthday, indeed!
anna banana had this to say (01/10/2007 10:10:28):
happy birthday (late)!! how come every time you post a pic it just shows the pic of a guy smoking and double flipping off the camera? or maybe it's just me that sees that. :/
dorcas had this to say (01/10/2007 10:19:07):
i was a bit worried when i saw the first item on the list with the words "birthday" and "serial rapist." thankfully, the rest of the photo montage is much more uplifting. where's the beach depicted in that last shot? it's really beautiful.
katya had this to say (01/10/2007 10:31:21):
Happy Birthday! I, too, was wondering where that beach is. While I worked in 101 California for several months there was an art installation of filing cabinets with plants growing out of them and filing cabinet with mini-waterfalls flowing out of them. It was pretty awesome and reminded me of one of your photos.
/\/\/\/ had this to say (01/10/2007 10:48:08):
Arin: Yes, the beach was just shockingly warm and beautiful for a January 9 in Northern California... anna banana: I was having a problem with folks on MySpace and LiveJournal hotlinking to some of my images, so I added a rewrite rule to my site that displays the angry old man if someone tries to do that. Alas, I wasn't thinking of the fact that some folks forgo the complete experience and read my posts directly through LiveJournal and such; I've relaxed the image rewriting rules and you should be able to see my real pics. Let me know if that isn't the case... dorcas and katya: The "beach" in the last shot is at the Albany Bulb, one of the East Bay's great treasures.
Yael had this to say (01/12/2007 13:24:08):
Geez, you still look like a teenager. 32 is a good age. For one thing, it's four bytes. Happy 2007.
felish had this to say (01/23/2007 20:53:13):
eery shot of you- i see you there as in no other photo of you- love it thanks

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