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Wednesday, 21 January 2004
My soul has been nourished. I made my way to New York today to attend the LinuxWorld Expo trade show, which begins tomorrow. An hour afer I landed, I checked into my hotel, and shortly thereafter, I’d already hopped a downtown 6 to Astor Place. I got off there, headed upstairs, walked one block east and two blocks uptown, and arrived at the 2nd Avenue Deli, which serves the best corned beef and pastrami on the planet. One sandwich and one beer will set you back twenty-five bucks once you’re done with tax and tip, but that’s part of being in New York. This city sucks the bills right out of your pocket. But when you’re putting an end to a sixteen-month craving, you don’t even notice.
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dorcas had this to say (01/20/2004 23:56:10):
as a vegetarian, i don't crave meat or really miss it. that is until you mentioned the corned beef. oh, what i wouldn't give for a corned beef sammich on rye from the 2nd ave deli! after that, i would eat lots of pickels, matzoh-ball soup, a bagel, and a piece of cheesecake...drool. after vomiting, i'd visit bleeker st records. have fun. :)
lucky_duck had this to say (01/21/2004 09:01:19):
could you bring me back a slyzapizza? orange pizza grease mmmmmm.
katya had this to say (01/21/2004 09:44:49):
I'll have to try Second Ave. Deli. Last time I was there our group tried Carnegie and Stage Delicatessens and weren't impressed. We all agreed that D.Z. Akin's was much better. In fact, Lila and her boyfriend drive down to San Diego a few times a year *just* to eat at D.Z. a.k.a. "The Deez" and Lotsa Pasta in Pacific Beach. They don't even go to see the sites; they just stay in their motel room all day until it's time for another meal.

Not sure how long you'll be there, but I just have to give you a few restaurant recommendations (though I'm sure you have your own favorite spots having been to NY plenty of times):

Gotham Bar and Grill - one of the city's best restaurants has a $20 prix fixe lunch that never changes and includes the best salmon and the best chocolate cake I have ever had.
Fuck! I just looked at their website and now it's $25 and cod instead. Bastards!

Veselka - Lila and her boyfriend's favorite restaurant in NY. I haven't been able to try it yet. It's Ukrainian food and cheap.

Lombardi's - Pizza in Little Italy:

Check out San Francisco's Dine About Town promotion while you can (January only):
katya had this to say (01/21/2004 09:46:45):
I just noticed that I don't get line breaks when I leave a comment. I'm curious if html works:
ignatz ratskiwatski had this to say (01/21/2004 10:17:42):
Matthew's "On the Six" just like Jenny from the block! He has no idea what I'm talking about either, but he is NYC, so he don't care. Will he pull a David Lee Roth in Washington Square park, or will he just check out the Scrabble players that hang out in the northwest corner? Only time will tell...

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