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Wednesday, 31 December 2003
A spiritually-enlightened person I know asked me, “Are you the same person now that you were at the beginning of 2003?” I didn’t even have to think: This past year was transformative in a way that no other year of my life has ever been. My answer was an immediate “No!”

My friend smiled warmly and said, “Well, then. It must have been a good year.”


Happy New Year to all readers. May you find stillness and peace within, and see it echoed in the world around you.
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dorcas had this to say (12/31/2003 15:10:14):
dave had this to say (12/31/2003 17:05:14):
So, you want to fill us in on some of the transformation, or are you just gonna be cagey and reserved? I'm not being nosey, but I am curious to know what this year has meant to you in specific.
the lucky duck had this to say (01/04/2004 00:54:00):
"Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes / How do you measure a year in the life / How about LOOOOOOVE!" I am privileged to have witnessed some of your transformation. And it is good.
Spike had this to say (01/07/2004 21:27:19):
I'm glad I was there too, dude.

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