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Tuesday, 02 December 2003
I am awash in a sea of phlegm. I’ve been sick since last Friday. My fever has been as high as 103.1, a number that should be associated with the FM dial, not a human being’s internal temperature. I’m on the mend now, and wishing like hell I’d gotten a flu shot this year, because the flu is almost certainly what this was. Have you had a flu shot this year? There are no excuses.
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kath had this to say (12/03/2003 09:45:12):
That's the scariest article about the flu I've ever seen. I've ponied up the $20 the last 4 years and gotten the shot though I haven't gotten sick (I think with the shot you can get a light flu) and I don't know anyone my age who gets flu shots.

Hope you're feeling better! Being sick sucks.
D. Hailey had this to say (12/03/2003 19:14:51):
So sorry to hear you're feeling so badly. Hope I did not contribute to that. I really do need to get a flu shot working around those germy little kids.

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