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Thursday, 11 September 2003
Tonight I went through three shoebox-sized boxes of “miscellaneous important stuff” that followed me here to the new digs. These seem to be functioning as a time capsule of sorts. Among the items I have stashed away in these boxes over the years:
  1. The San Francisco Chronicle, Thursday, May 30, 1996, the front page of which uncharacteristically sported Herb Caen’s column. This was the day Caen told his readers he was dying.
  2. A printout of a job posting on, dated 11/10/98, for “Associate Editor, Here’s How Online / PC World, Online Services Group.” In pencil is my shit-I’m-excited scrawl reading 11:00 A.M. FRIDAY. That must’ve been the interview.
  3. A $98 credit at Fry’s Electronics, dated June 11, 2001. I was issued this as a result of the Fry’s Low Price Guarantee, but after receiving it, I went through a long period of buying no goodies at Fry’s, and I forgot I had it. Then I remembered I had it, but by then, I didn’t know where it was anymore. Now here it is. It has no expiration date on it. They should accept it, right?
  4. The New Yorker, September 24, 2001 issue. Front cover: Black towers on a black background. Two years ago now. Heavens. There is a mailing label on the cover. It lists a place where I no longer reside.
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dan had this to say (09/11/2003 14:04:46):
Yes, Fry's MUST honor your credit. Go there and buy a universal remote. Then contemplate the remoteness of the universe.
dave had this to say (09/11/2003 14:06:22):
where are the pictures? we want pictures!

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