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Wednesday, 13 August 2003
Tonight I saw Gigantic, a well-crafted documentary about one of my favorite bands, They Might Be Giants. The film kicked much ass and had some great footage of TMBG’s John and John and the Band of Dans, but I think my favorite shot was a brief glimpse of the New York subway. The screen was suddenly filled with the unmistakable tile, a station sign in the unmistakable font, and then, the unmistakable shining silver behemoth, barreling into the station like something terribly out of control.

I arrived home to find that Gothamist (one helluva four-star blog that you must start reading if you love New York) had a posting about the subway, and a nice little picture. Sigh! Perhaps the universe is telling me I need to visit New York. After all, it’s been nearly a year since I’ve been down below with my beloved silver trains. Or had decent deli. Who wants to go to New York with me?

(Alternatively, perhaps the universe is telling me it is time to return to and finally finish Major Art Project #2, which is intensely subway-related and has been on the back burner for so long that Major Art Project #3 has since been conceived and completed.)
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Dan had this to say (08/15/2003 11:39:37):
Maybe today isn't the best day to be underneath the ground on your beloved subway trains.

But soon. President Bush says he is looking into the situatin. He is an expert in blackouts and being in the dark.

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