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Wednesday, 16 July 2003
One rule of vacations is that sometimes the weather does not cooperate. But, even with the clouds, does this look so bad?

(Besides, the Bay Area has gotten me used to skies like these.)
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kp had this to say (07/17/2003 20:21:41):
dude, that is freaking me out it's so gloomy. go see a movie or something.
~ ahem ~
the sun is shining and hot here in the Bay Area.
Dan had this to say (07/18/2003 09:22:51):
Aside from the rather sporty blue towel, it does look glum. And if it was sunny, that metal chair would heat up to an uncomfortable level. But I never was much of a beach person.
the lucky duck had this to say (07/18/2003 11:49:18):
So, Matthew, how long did you hang out at this setup? And did you switch back and forth between chair and towel? Come back soon!
/\/\/\/ had this to say (07/18/2003 14:59:24):
It looks more gloomy than it felt -- the temperature when I took the picture was probably around 70 degrees. 'Twas humid, too. Yes, I switch from chair to towel, chair being conducive to reading, and towel being conducive to beachsleep, of which I've unfortunately gotten almost none. The weather has continued to be crummy. It rained this morning. Tomorrow is my last chance for a nice beach day before heading back to the Bay Area.

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