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Monday, 20 October 2003
Proper old-school “underground” is not dead. SomaFM proves it. We’re talking commercial-free, fantastic listening here. I frequently mainline their Groove Salad stream during work hours, and have just discovered Beat Blender for nighttime. If you’re feeling silly — or better yet, if you aren’t feeling silly, but you wouldn’t mind it — listen to the Secret Agent stream and pretend you’re stuck in an old B-movie. Oodles of fun.

The tunes are amazing, and the tech is righteous: No bitchy-hoggy Real or Windows Media players needed here. Just WinAmp or Foobar2000 or Audion or iTunes or XMMS to decode a simple mp3 stream. Click and listen. (And don’t overlook the handy Amazon-linked song histories available at the SomaFM site.)

[Through Groove Salad, the Supreme Beings of Leisure just sang “Nothin’ Like Tomorrow” to me. Word.]
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dorcas had this to say (10/20/2003 14:13:01):
dude, were you really awake at 3:35 in the a.m.?!
kerry had this to say (10/20/2003 20:12:41):
yeah, dude, I'm not sure groove salad was meant to be more than a midnight snack.
dan had this to say (10/21/2003 07:40:30):
You need to obviously still need to check out You may have to use Real player for some of their archives, but a lot are available as MP3s. For variety, they cannot be beat...
/\/\/\/ had this to say (10/21/2003 13:11:02):
Yes, dorcas, the timestamp is accurate.
kdub had this to say (10/22/2003 18:25:09):
My kind of wikkity-wikkity-wack:

Look for "Dusty Classics - Old School Hip Hop 2003"

:) Baleeeedat! Hahahaha...

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