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Tuesday, 03 June 2003
Every now and again I find an old eighties album in the used bin that I’ve never gotten around to buying a copy of. And I snag it. The most recent is INXS’s Kick. Man, what an album. How many of y’all remember “Mediate,” the trippy coda for “Need You Tonight”? It consists mostly of nonsense along with a few great bits of advice, all in phrases ending in -ate — not unlike when Joyce fills a page with -ation words in Finnegans Wake. The “Need You Tonight” video included “Mediate,” which got a treatment that ripped off Bob Dylan’s promo for “Subterranean Homesick Blues”: As each line was sung, a card with the lyric was held up and then tossed to the ground.

I thought it was pretty common knowledge that INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence died of autoerotic asphyxiation, but Google’s results seem to indicate that that fact has never been confirmed. No matter the cause, when INXS died along with Hutchence, we lost a fantastic band.
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laura had this to say (06/03/2003 20:18:11):
you know, i think i still have that one on cassette somewhere. dang it. now i want to buy more 80s music. pity my husband.
Michael D. had this to say (06/04/2003 10:01:17):
Love that album. Not one the the all time best, but some goot tunes. Tiny Daggers is great, and the hysterical ballad, Never Tear us Apart is very solid.
Will had this to say (06/06/2003 20:36:26):
It must be an Urban Legend because I'd always heard that it was the lead singer of Joy Division that died of autoerotic asphyxiation. This was years before Michael was dead.
John had this to say (06/09/2003 09:30:02):
Odd... I get told by a INXS junkie all the time Michael Hutchensen committed suicide (drug enduced or what not -- not sure).
Tessa had this to say (01/03/2007 11:14:22):
WOW, i feel young, i have no idea what ur talkin about ;)

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