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Wednesday, 05 November 2003
I scored 124.5 on the 80’s Lyrics Quiz. You see this sort of thing on the Web from time to time, but you never see one this well implemented, or this much fun. Who can beat me? No cheating!

Oh, the memories that can come flooding back just because of one line from one song!
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Arin had this to say (11/05/2003 13:05:37):
My score: 93.5 points, 1 wasted lunch break.

What I learned from this experience is not only that an entire sector of my brainspace is wasted on useless things like song lyrics, but also that a big part of that sector is taken up by Mondegreens.
dan had this to say (11/06/2003 10:34:50):
108.5, and I don't feel bad about not knowing lyrics to Whitesnake and Kenny Loggins tunes.
dorcas had this to say (11/06/2003 18:05:54):
i've nearly blocked the 80's out of my memory banks: i scored a mere 62! yay.
laura had this to say (11/08/2003 14:18:12):
96.5. How did you get more 80s than me, you infant?

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