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Friday, 08 October 2004
John Lennon might have turned 64 years old tomorrow had he not been gunned down in 1980. A new exhibition of his paintings to mark the occassion makes me wish I were in New York. Luckily, the Guardian has some of the images up on the Web.

[spotted at the J-Walk Blog]
posted to /art at 10:08pm :: 3 responses

Hatchjaw had this to say (10/08/2004 15:55:50):
Dude, when do you *not* wish you were in New York?
Ignatz had this to say (10/11/2004 07:47:39):

Paul's art has its own self-reflective charm, too. Obladee to the oblahizzledah!
the_lucky_duck had this to say (10/11/2004 13:54:13):
and then, there's koko the gorilla:

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